Healy Project 2 final draft

The assignment: Create an in-depth infographic for a news story. Find a current news story or press release or marketing report that does not already contain an infographic but would benefit from one. Create an appropriate graphic based on information in the report and your own supplemental research.

My design: I found an intriguing and eye-opening article about the amount of sugary beverages Americans intake daily. It had lots of statistics and numbers that would benefit from an infographic. Thus my project was born. I chose the facts that were most important to me and highlighted them using images, graphs and bold font. The design of the pie graph is modern and bold drawing the attention of the viewer and looks like the lid of a soda can which ties in the theme of the article. I used 5-color scheme to give the design a uniform and clean look. I used lines to divide some of the information and to give it even spacing and structure.

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