Healy_Final REDO

The assignment: Conceptualize, create and critique one broadsheet news page adhering to the parameters. Pay careful attention to detail – you will be graded on how you arrange the elements on your page.

My design: After completing this project, I gained a better understanding of how much thought, strategy, technic and design goes into creating a newspaper. With my design, I created a bold and colored flag with a graphic as one of the letter to add design that pops. The first headline contains large font with an accompanying picture in order to catch the reader’s attention. It is at the top left of the page so the reader can quickly see what article I intended for them to read first. I chose this article because the compelling image stood out to me when I was doing research, thus I decided to make it my main element. The drop cap let the reader know where to start reading. The following headline as well as the picture is smaller than the first because of the hierarchy I use throughout the project; it is not my main article therefore I made it less noticeable.

I decided to change the color of my pull quote to match the blue color scheme throughout and to allow it to stand out from the rest of the article. I created a light red side bar that took up 2 columns because I liked the nontraditional aspect of it. I wanted to highlight stories from other countries to follow my international theme so I added individual sections for different continents. In regards to the treatment of the text, I used sans serif for majority of my headlines and serif for the body of the articles because serif is easier to read in smaller fonts. I strived to use a variety of fonts and spacing for each text while keeping a consistent and clean format.


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