The assignment: Conceptualize and create a magazine feature spread. You must have between 1,000 and 1,200 words in your main article and it must be be 5 pages. Using your knowledge of page layout and image analysis, create a multi-page layout.

My design: I really enjoyed working on this project since there was a lot of design freedom. Starting with the cover, I chose the most compelling image I had in order to draw the attention of the reader. The out of focus cake adds a nice element to the focused foreground of the picture. I inserted text following the curve of the cake to make it more dynamic and give it depth. The little description in the bottom write hand corner stands out because I layered it with a yellow box and dropped the opacity.

Moving on to the inside of the spread, the first page I used a 7- column layout and took up 2 columns for each body text. My drop cap tells the reader where to start and the image behind the “M” reflects the feel of Madonna. I chose the font “Iowan Old Style” because it was easy to read in small print but gave the text a edge and element of fun to it. The repeating element I incorporated was the pink and gold dots, font, layout of photo captions and credits as well as the page number. I made the design choice of placing the page number in the top corners of the spread because it is uncommon to do so. My pull quote is in a different font and color compared to the rest of the texts which separates it from the rest of the elements.

The middle pages are photo heavy which breaks up the amount of text. I wanted to make each page different and exciting all while contributing the idea and feel of my topic. Each design element, from the pictures, to the font, to the colors, to the placement of captions contribute to the gaudy, froofy feel of my spread which Madonna Inn inspires.


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